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Government will reimpose chicken ceiling price if racketeering happens – Rosol

The government will not hesitate to reimpose the ceiling price for chicken if the traders rake excessive profit from the commodity.

Chicken prices may soar once floated next month

The price of chicken is expected to rise next month when it is floated following the end of the maximum retail price scheme on June 30, says Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi

Standard chicken price in Selangor at RM8.90 per kg

The retail price for standard chicken in Selangor is RM8.90 per kilogramme, meanwhile, the wholesale price of chicken is set at RM7.60 per kilogramme

Egg and chicken subsidies are insufficient

The subsidies for eggs and chickens amounting to RM528.52 million throughout the implementation period of the Keluarga Malaysia Price Control Scheme (SKHKM) announced by the government last February would no longer be relevant for the farmers.

Chicken price: Industry must wait for final decision on price

The chicken farming industry can finally take a breath of relief after the government agreed to provide a subsidy of RM0.60 per kilogramme (kg) of chicken to the farmers.

Imported chicken is safe, halal – Ronald

Imported chicken supply is certified safe, halal and has quality, in the efforts to temporary overcome the supply shortage in the country

How to sell chicken cheap when price of feed increases by...

The lamentation on the chicken price hike is unavoidable as the price of raw ingredients to produce chicken feed has increased between 50 to 70 percent

KDPNHEP will not hesitate to implement price control for chicken

KPDNHEP will not hesitate to implement price control if the price of chicken continues to increase beyond the reasonable pricing, or if there are cartels manipulating the price