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Hilang kepercayaan kepada Larry punca tak jawab surat tunjuk sebab

Mengambil kira rekod politik dan tindak-tanduk Larry, kepimpinan kerajaan persekutuan telah membuat keputusan yang tepat untuk tidak melantik beliau sebagai anggota Kabinet, kata Na'im.

RFID failure stems from anti-competitive and monopolistic practices

The success in many countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia that have implemented the RFID system to reduce road congestion for many years was not seen here

What is the future of racial politics?

After 64 years of the nation's independence, many Malaysians are still grappling with the fact that racial politics still exists and persists in Malaysia's political scene

Unmasking the motives for the Anti-Hopping Law

For a bill that requires a constitutional amendment, could the anti-party hopping law be s dead in the water even before it is brought for debates in the Parliament