melaka student teenager adolescent faints after Covid-19 vaccine vaccination breakfast sleep
Keadaan remaja yang rebah selepas selesai proses pemantauan vaksin.

MELAKAA 12-year-old teenager who allegedly became unconscious after being vaccinated at the Encore Vaccination Centre (PPV), Klebang here was confirmed nervous, lacked sleep and did not have breakfast before being inoculated.

Melaka Health Department deputy director (Public Health) Dr Rusdi Abd Rahman said the teenager appeared apprehensive during the vaccination process.

However, he said the teenager did not indicate any side effect just after being injected or during the observation period.

However, he said the teenager suddenly appeared weak and collapsed when heading to the parking lot and had to be supported by his family members back to the PPV for further examination.

“A 30-minute observation by the medical team found the teenager to be stable and he was allowed to go home.

“A follow-up telephone to his family after that found the teenager healthy and active as normal,” he said in a statement here, last night.

Rusdi said further investigations found the teenager had slept at 2 am and ate only a spoonful of ‘nasi lemak’ in the morning before receiving the vaccination

“The Melaka Health Department and the District Health Office will continue to monitor the health status of the teenager from time to time,” he said.

Earlier, a male teenager who allegedly blacked out after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine injection was highlighted on the social media yesterday.- Bernama

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