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Teenager charged with murder of 11-y-o boy

A teenager was charged at the Magistrate Court today with causing the death of an 11-year-old boy last month

Imam of Al-Islahiah Mosque resigns

The Imam of Masjid Al-Islahiah, Kuang who was involved with bathing a teenage boy like a corpse on 8 January has resigned.

I bathed him like a corpse because he was high, hallucinating...

A mosque committee member Masjid Al Islahiah shared his experience of bathing a teenager like a corpse. According to Mohamad Ayub Han Khalil, Daniel Iskandar Mohd. Nasir, 19, was high and hallucinating when he was caught and caused them to take that action

Daniel is a problematic child, I asked them to lodge police...

The grandfather of the teenager who stole money from a mosque and bathed like a corpse revealed that he asked the committee members of the Al Islahiah Kuang Mosque to lodge police report on his grandson

Teenager who faints after vaccination did not have breakfast

A 12-year-old teenager who allegedly became unconscious after being vaccinated at the Encore Vaccination Centre (PPV), Klebang here was confirmed nervous, lacked sleep and did not have breakfast before being inoculated

17-y-o teenager fined RM5,000 for removing pink quarantine tag

A teenage girl in Kamunting was slapped with a RM5,000 compound after she removed her pink quarantine tag to go out yesterday.

Missing teenage girl found in condo with boyfriend

The police had found Nur Elida Mohd Rushdan, the teenage girl who was reported to be missing since 31 May at a condominium in Padang Jawa with her boyfriend early this morning

Heroin in pizza box

Hiding drugs in a pizza box. The tactic by a man and a teenager to mask their action was busted after they were arrested by the police at Ampang Jajar Apartment

Lockup rape: 11 police officers face actions

11 officers and policemen will be facing strict disciplinary actions over the rape case of a teenage girl in the police lockup at the Miri Central Police Station in Sarawak