Singaporean Singapore RON95 subsidised petrol fuel lansi kiasu
Foto: FB Ika Atikah

By Khairulanuar Yahaya

KUALA LUMPUR – Although the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumers Affair (KPDNHEP) has heightened its control to curb Singaporeans from refuelling their vehicles with subsidised petrol, such incidences kept taking place.

A Facebook user, Ika Atikah took a video of a driver from Singapore refuelling with RON95 subsidised petrol for his car.

According to her, although she has told the Singaporean off that his action was against the law of Malaysia, the driver ignored her.

“Bro, only the green is allowed. The yellow is for us. I told him off but he ignored me. He used the pump at the back to avoid people from noticing. The SG vehicle plates usually refuel at peak hours and the staff could not notice that. The location was at Jalan Pandan,” she wrote.

The current global crude oil price is over US$100 per barrel and in Malaysia, the RON97 has increased from RM3.45 on 3 March to RM3.91 per litre today (4 March). Meanwhile, the subsidised RON95 remained at RM2.05 per litre.

Yesterday, the Minister of KPDNHEP, Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi said that the ministry will conduct more aggressive observation at all petrol stations, especially those near the borders through Op Pantau 2022.

“Besides ensuring sufficient supplies sold at the appropriate prices, the Op Pantau 2022 would also ensure high compliance by merchants following the full reopening of economic sector and national borders from 1 April 2022,” he said.

Alexander’s statement came after a viral picture showing a man with Singapore registration car place refuelling his vehicle with RON95 petrol.

The ministry also ordered state KPDNHEP at the borders of Singapore and Thailand to increase their monitoring system.

Stern actions need to be taken against anyone who violate the Control of Supplies Act 1961 (Act 122) and Control of Supplies Regulations 1974.

Individuals found violating the rules could be fined not exceeding RM1 million or imprisoned for up to three years of both.

Meanwhile, organisations or companies involved could be fined not more than RM2 million.

The public may lodge reports and complaints to KPDNHEP if they found misappropriation of subsidised fuel. -MalaysiaGazette