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Myanmar man killed after insulting friends

A Myanmar man was killed after mocking and insulting his compatriots while drinking.

Between Timah and hot dog

It is time for the government to educate the people to think logically regarding the Timah whisky brand name controversy

Govt still discussing on alcohol sales ban

The government is still in a discussion on the alcohol sales ban at grocery stores, convenience shops and Chinese medicine halls in the capital city

Alcohol sales ban at grocery, convenience stores to be decided today

The scheduled ban on sales of alcohol at grocery stores and convenience stores in the capital city on 1 October 2021 will be finalised today.

Wild party at police station: 8 including 4 police officers arrested

Four police officers and four women were arrested while having a wild party at a police station in Kajang during a raid by Bukit Aman yesterday

Father who fed baby with alcoholic drink remanded

A man is remanded for five days to assist in an investigation of feeding his baby with alcoholic drink, after the video of the incident went viral in the social media yesterday.