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Selangor, KL recorded highest unnatural sex involving minors- Siti Zailah

Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are among the states that have recorded the highest number of unnatural sex cases involving victims below the age of 18.

Bestiality: Senior citizen charged for raping goat

A senior citizen was charged at the Magistrate Court for having unnatural sex with a doe to release his lust at Kampung Sungai Buaya, Rawang last July

Garbage truck driver charged with unnatural sex, raping foreigner

A garbage truck driver was brought to the Sessions Court today over four counts of charges, including, having unnatural sex and raping a Myanmar foreign worker on 12 October.

Teacher charged with 32 counts of unnatural sex, sexual grooming against...

A secondary school teacher was charged in the Sessions Court here today with 32 counts of committing unnatural sex and sexual grooming of seven male students from July to September last year.

Bestiality: Senior citizen in 7 days remand for raping goat

A senior citizen suspect has been remanded for seven days to assist in police investigation over bestiality of having unnatural sex with a female goat causing the animal’s death

Federal Court declares Selangor syariah law criminalising unnatural sex as unconstitutional

The Federal Court declared that a provision in the Selangor syariah law which makes it an offence to engage in unnatural sex as unconstitutional.