The Founder of Rumah Bonda, Siti Bainun Ahd. Razali arrive at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex for the abuse and neglect trial of the 13-year-old Down Syndrome girl, Bella. PIX: AFFAN FAUZI / MalaysiaGazette / 13 JUNE 2022. Bella chilli fried rice
The Founder of Rumah Bonda, Siti Bainun Ahd. Razali arrive at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex for the abuse and neglect trial of the 13-year-old Down Syndrome girl, Bella.PIX: AFFAN FAUZI / MalaysiaGazette / 13 JUNE 2022.Pengasas Rumah Bonda, Siti Bainun Ahd. Razali hadir ke mahkamah bagi perbicaraan kes mengabai dan menganiaya remaja perempuan sindrom Down berusia 13 tahun yang dikenali sebagai Bella di Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur. Foto AFFAN FAUZI, 13 JUN 2022.

By Khairulanuar Yahaya

KUALA LUMPUR – The eight prosecution witness told the Sessions Court today that Bella, the 13-year-old Down Syndrome girl was forced to eat fried rice full of chilli.

The Legal Research Officer of a law firm, Suhana Zam, 40, said, in the May 2021 incident, the chopped chilli in that dish was more than the fried rice.

Suhana said, Siti Bainun fed the chilli fried rice into Bella’s mouth.

“I saw Bainun holding a plate of fried rice. There was not much rice in it. After that, I saw Siti Bainun putting some chopped chilli into the plate. To me, the ratio of chilli to that rice was a lot.

“She (Siti Bainun) mixed the rice and held Bella’s chin with her left hand and fed Bella with the fried rice forcefully. Bella seemed to be avoiding it, she did not want it but had to eat it because she was forced to do so.

“I was wondering why it happened but I did not say anything because I was shocked and I did not want to confront Bainun at her house then,” Suhana said.

Meanwhile, Suhana also detected that Bella was treated inappropriately since February 2021.

That teenager was asked to stand next to a wall and Siti Bainun shouted at her.

According to Suhana, she noticed the severe wounds on Bella in May 2021. Her physical condition also changed, including her hair was not cut properly.

Bella’s condition got worse when she met her on 13 June 2021, after Siti Bainun invited her to a shellout with giant crab bought and cooked by the founder of Rumah Bonda.

“I reached the house at 5.00 pm. I entered and saw Bella standing by the wall. I was very shocked to see Bella’s hair. She was almost bald. It was not a neat cut. It was ribbed.

“I saw closely that there was a bruise on the right side of her cheek the size of a palm. The bruise started from above her eyebrows until the bottom of her eyes. She wore long sleeves shirt. Fear was shown on her face. That was the worse situation I’ve ever seen Bella in,” she said.

Suhana added, she was very emotional when she saw Bella to the extent that she threw he bag onto the sofa where Siti Bainun was sitting.

She asked the founder of Rumah Bonda about Bella’s condition and Siti Bainun told her that Bella’s injuries were caused by her fighting with the other residents.

The founder of Rumah Bonda also told her that she did not bring Bella to the hospital but she put the ointments that she bought on the teenager’s wounds.

Suhana also told the court that unlike the other residents, Bella was not invited to eat the shellout cooked by Siti Bainun. On the contrary, she was left to stand by the wall alone. -MalaysiaGazette

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