Monday, October 2, 2023
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Disciplinary action on Tangkak OCPD over Long Tiger’s escape

Disciplinary action has been taken against the Tangkak District Police Chief (OCPD) and two policemen over negligence in handling Long Tiger, causing the detainee to escape from the court lockup on 15 December

Long Tiger was planning to flee to another country – Ayob

The Rohingya ethnic rape, extortion and kidnap suspect who managed to escape from the Tangkak Magistrate Court lockup was believed to have planned to flee to neighbouring country before he was arrested in Kedah yesterday

Long Tiger arrested at Kuala Ketil

The police have successfully arrested Long Tiger at a residence in a sugarcane farm at Jalan Kuala Ketil today, 13 days after he escaped from the Tangkak Magistrate Court lockup,