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Body of rape, sodomy victim found under bed

The Penang Police had successfully solved a rape, sodomy and murder case of a woman in less than three hours

Bestiality: Senior citizen in 7 days remand for raping goat

A senior citizen suspect has been remanded for seven days to assist in police investigation over bestiality of having unnatural sex with a female goat causing the animal’s death

Jobless man pleads not guilty to sodomising 9-month-old baby

An unemployed man was charged at the Magistrate Court for murdering and sodomising a nine-month-old baby boy.

Lockup rape: 11 police officers face actions

11 officers and policemen will be facing strict disciplinary actions over the rape case of a teenage girl in the police lockup at the Miri Central Police Station in Sarawak

Lorry driver who forced daughter, wife into prostitution sentenced to 33...

Lorry driver, Teoh Ewe Keat, the father who raped and forced his underage daughter and wife into prostitution by satisfying the sexual drive of foreigners has been sentenced to 33 years in prison.