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The Story of Triastrum

Do the scents of roses and lavenders tempt you? Or are you the rare few who get thrilled by the otherwise frowned-upon smell of lemongrass and thyme?

What if these preferences weren’t a coincidence? What if you were designated to love a particular scent literally on the day you were born?

A couple of weekends ago, I was at Cyberjaya with my 2 boys, and there was this mini bazaar that we stopped by, we were strolling around having a look see until I stumbled upon Triastrum’s booth. I honestly thought it was unique what they were making and selling, and as a Pisces myself, when I first smelled my scent, it automatically lifted my spirits up. I felt like it was a familiar smell, and it was me! Odd isn’t it.

So, I bought a few for myself and a few for my close friends. What intrigued me more was that it includes a letter to the person, like a positive message. That just added more value to their product, it was not crowded, so I had a chance to sit with them for a bit and just get to know them and what they do a little bit more, since it piqued my interest.

This is the story that Triastrum wants to tell. This up-and-coming home business, run by three good friends, revolves around the concept that your birth month decides your favourite scent, or as they call it, your “birth scent”. These scents are then used to produce soaps and body mists.

Someone born in early March, for instance, may be an old soul gravitating towards a sensual and mystical scent while someone born in early August, for instance, may love a more pronounced rose-like scent.

“The first thing we do is meticulously study the personality and traits of people born under different months. Then, we ‘experiment’ with different plant-based fragrance oils to create a signature scent for each month.

“For us, this is a process of rediscovering our ‘birth scents’. Nothing beats the joy of us knowing that we got it right every time a customer buys our product,” said Dhesegaan Bala Krishnan, one of the co-founders of Triastrum.

The inspiration for the business, he said, first struck his best friend and Triastrum’s co-founder Ranita Rajandram, an avid observer of patterns in human behaviour. Ranita’s observations, coupled with their friend, Subathra Jeyabalan’s entrepreneurial spirit, turned Triastrum from a mere idea into a viable business. The trio launched the company in February and by March, they launched their second product – body mists.

So, why did Triastrum ventured into soaps and body mists?

“That’s because the only time we actually spend for ourselves is in shower. That’s the only time we give ourselves to heal and rejuvenate. What better way to indulge in that than with soaps emitting your birth scents?

“And, since you can’t carry your soap everywhere, the body mists help satisfy your olfactory’s ‘cravings’ if they persist outside your bathroom,” said Ranita.

The soaps, she said, also have additional health benefits as they are made of coconut oil that lathers well and naturally moisturises your skin.

Though Triastrum is only two months old, Subathra said that the brand has been gaining traction locally through their regular promotions at bazaars in Klang Valley.

“In fact, the bazaars also led us to discover something else. We found that some customers were attracted to scents that were not from their birth month. And, in almost all such cases, we learned that those scents were from the birth months of their spouses or romantic partners!

“It’s almost like a “sniff test” at our products could hint at your future partner’s birth month. Though it’s not a definite theory, it was certainly an exciting discovery for us,” she said.

Unlike other body care products, Triastrum also delivers a personal hand-written letter for each customer – one that hints at events that may unfold for that customer. And the company’s founders are confident that the accuracy of each letter will surely leave readers intrigued.

“And, as for how our letters hit the right note, that will remain as our ‘trade secret’,” they said.

Triastrum, I wish you all the best in your endeavors and keep doing what you are doing. It was an enlightening conversation I had with you lot! I learned a bit more about scents and soap making, who knows I might turn soap making into a hobby!

Till next time, Kerina K