Saturday, April 11, 2020
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Opinion: Mahathir and unproductivity

Mahathir asked if we really are the same Malaysia under the previous government. Given our current circumstances, it’s pretty easy to say yes. 

Opinion: Learning with Syed Saddiq

According to interviews, Syed Saddiq at one point used to call Dr. Mahathir as Cikgu (Teacher) Mahathir. Given recent news reports, one can’t help but wonder what he has learnt from his 94 year-old teacher

OPINION: PH ought to take heed from Germany

The fall of Weimar Germany has key lessons that we should avoid if Pakatan Harapan hopes to stay in power. 

Opinion: Syed Saddiq and Foodpanda

Syed Saddiq - Foodpanda spat began innocently after the minister's meeting with Foodpanda “partners” who were protesting over a new payment scheme

Opinion: We voted for lions, not mice

When Pakatan Harapan secured power in GE14, many voters expected the beginning of the end for the massive government-business crony complex that had long been synonymous with nepotism, collusion and pilferage.

Opinion: Unity & Malaysia Day

As we celebrated Malaysia Day earlier last week, the news cycle was dominated by demands by politicians and cabinet ministers for Malaysians to embrace unity.

Is this the return of the Mahathir cronyism complex?

On August 29, the shares of Opcom, a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of fiber optic cables and cable related products in Malaysia. rose 41.11% in a day.

Opinion: A case for Bangsa Johor and the Federation

Chairman of the Special Select Committee on Inter-State and Federal Relations, Hassan Karim told reporters earlier this week that we should stop the use of terms such as ‘Bangsa Johor’

Opinion: Fight with facts, not name-calling

The government should focus on their objectives, instead of deliberately fighting childishly without facts. Not only would it look bad, but it would deepen the polarisation between Malaysians.

Opinion: Higher workers’ salary may combat corruption and address the cost...

If workers start to receive higher pay which can cope with the cost of living today, then the seduction to commit crimes including corruption will drop immediately