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1,325 new Covid-19 cases, 5 deaths

New daily Covid-19 infection has increased to 1,325 cases as of last midnight (30 May). The figure includes two imported cases, shifting the cumulative cases to 4,467,925.

1,352 new Covid-19 cases, 5 deaths

1,352 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded on the first of Syawal (2 May) as the Muslims celebrate Aidilfitri, shifting the cumulative cases in Malaysia to 4,450,859

Covid-19: 5,899 new cases, 5 deaths on 21 Apr

Malaysia continues to record decreasing Covid-19 infection trend after it reported 5,899 new cases yesterday, shifting the cumulative cases in the country to 4,402,234.

6,069 new Covid-19 cases yesterday, 12 deaths

Malaysia recorded 6,069 new Covid-19 infections yesterday with 5,959 local and 110 imported cases

16 Covid-19 deaths yesterday

16 cases of Covid-19 deaths were reported yesterday (18 Apr), including four cases of Brought-in-Dead (BID)

12 Covid-19 deaths yesterday (10 Apr)

12 Covid-19 deaths were recorded nationwide yesterday (10 April 2022).

Covid-19: 28 deaths yesterday (4 Apr)

The number of Covid-19 deaths has reduced to 28 cases yesterday (4 April) compared to 30 cases the day before (3 April)

92 Covid-19 deaths yesterday

92 cases of Covid-19 death were reported yesterday. From that amount, 33 cases were brought-in-dead (BID) who died before seeking treatment at the hospital.

87 Covid-19 deaths yesterday

87 Covid-19 deaths were recorded as of last midnight (14 March) and 25 cases were brought-in dead (BID)

70 new Covid-19 deaths yesterday (10 March)

70 new Covid-19 deaths were reported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) as of last midnight. From that amount, 19 deaths were Brought in Dead (BID).