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Heroin in pizza box

Hiding drugs in a pizza box. The tactic by a man and a teenager to mask their action was busted after they were arrested by the police at Ampang Jajar Apartment

Do not spread inaccurate information about nurse’s death

The public is urged not to spread inaccurate information about the death of a nurse from the Penang Hospital, which could cause wrong perceptions on the Covid-19 vaccine

Police topple over RM5 million of syabu distribution

The Penang police once again recorded a success by toppling an international drug distribution syndicate after seizing RM5 million worth of syabu

Inspector abets in releasing Macau Scam suspects

A police inspector has been found to abet in releasing Macau Scam suspects in Penang.

Shop assistant arrested, suspected for abusing own baby

A shop assistant has been arrested after being suspected of abusing her own baby boy at Luminari Apartment yesterday.

No apostasy but party hopping is allowed in politics? – Guan...

The Secretary-General of DAP, Lim Guan Eng emphasized that the party will be bringing the party hopping issue to the court, although it is not contained in the Federal Constitution.

My daughter fought for her life before she passed away

The babysitter left the victim in a basin filled with water unattended to take a towel before the toddler was found unconscious, face down

Toddler drowned in basin at babysitter’s home

A two-year-old toddler was found dead at her babysitter’s house in Batu Maung today. The victim, Sophia Fatehah Wan Farhan Danial was believed to have drowned in a basin at the residence.

Mixing fish and pork balls, unhygienic, revolting factory ordered shut

Faeces from cockroaches and rats were found in a food processing factory during a raid by the Penang State Health Department (JKNPP) at Lorong Bertam Indah

Pulau Pinang sambut baik keputusan kekal perkhidmatan feri

Sebelum ini, SPPP mengumumkan perkhidmatan feri Pulau Pinang, yang menghubungkan tanah besar di Seberang Perai dengan bahagian pulau negeri itu, akan diganti dengan bot penumpang laju bermula 1 Jan ini manakala feri sedia ada pula hanya digunakan sebagai medium pengangkutan bagi pengguna basikal dan motosikal.