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Australia posts biggest one-day rise in coronavirus cases in two months

Australia’s second most populous state deployed ambulances and mobile test centres in a coronavirus testing blitz as the country recorded the biggest daily rise in cases in two months.

Men hired for sexual fantasy break into wrong house

In a sex fantasy gone wrong, two men with machetes entered the wrong house in New South Wales, Australia, before quickly realising their error.

Australia fires: Almost 2,000 homes destroyed in marathon crisis

Almost 2,000 houses have been confirmed destroyed in Australia's months-long bushfire crisis, as crews prepare frantically for more forecast danger.

Australia bushfires might burn for months

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned that the devastating bushfires raging in the country might go on for months.

Mallacoota: Where Australia’s bushfires turned day to night

Bushfires swept Mallacoota, a tourist town in Victoria, Australia. Thousands of people fled to the beach for safety. As the fires drew closer, the sky turned red

Boy, 12, drives pickup truck to flee Australia bushfire

Police have rescued Luke Sturrock, a 12-year-old boy who fled a raging bushfire in Western Australia by driving his brother's pickup to safety with their dog.

Bushfire smoke shrouds Sydney, Adelaide

Smoke from Australia's bushfire crisis has blanketed the major cities of Sydney and Adelaide.

Australian wrongfully jailed for 19 years wins payout

David Eastman, who was wrongfully jailed for 19 years over the murder of a police Assistant Commissioner has received A$7m (RM19.82 million) in compensation.

Mr Cocky the cockatoo survives being shot fives times in Australia

Mr Cocky, a sulphur-crested cockatoo is being nursed back to health in Australia after being shot five times with air guns.

Magpie attack: Cyclist dies while fleeing swooping bird

An Australian man has died in a bicycle crash while trying to escape from a swooping magpie.