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Covid-19: 22,491 new cases yesterday

The Ministry of Health (MOH) recorded 22,491 new Covid-19 cases yesterday and the cumulative cases in the country shifted to 4,054,926 cases

Covid-19: 73 deaths yesterday (22 Mar)

73 Covid-19 deaths were reported yesterday in Malaysia. From that amount, 23 cases were brought-in-dead (BID)

Covid-19 infections reduced by 1,277 cases yesterday

The daily Covid-19 infections in the country continued to reduce to 17,828 cases yesterday, said the Director-General of Health

19,105 new Covid-19 cases, 71 deaths yesterday

19,105 new Covid-19 infections were recorded yesterday (20 March). From that amount, 18,719 were local infections while the remaining were imported cases

1,521 new Covid-19 hospital admission yesterday – MOH

1,521 new Covid-19 cases were admitted into the hospital yesterday.

New Covid-19 infection rose to 30,787 cases yesterday (10 Mar)

The new Covid-19 infection cases in the country rose to 30,787 cases yesterday, a slight increment from the 30,246 cases on 9 March.

31,490 Covid-19 cases yesterday (8 Mar)

After recording a drop of Covid-19 cases for two days consecutively, the cases in the country went up again yesterday by recording 31,490 new Covid-19 cases, shifting the tally to 3,680,953 cases

Covid-19 cases dropped 2 days consecutively

The new Covid-19 cases dropped two days in a row with 26,865 cases being recorded yesterday, shifting the cumulative cases in the country to 3,649,463

Covid-19 dropped to 27,435 cases yesterday (6 March)

The new Covid-19 positive cases has dropped to 27,435 cases yesterday (6 March) after the daily cases exceeded 33,000 cases for three days consecutively before this.

115 Covid-19 deaths yesterday

115 Covid-19 deaths were reported yesterday. From that amount, 36 cases were brought-in-dead (BID)